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Our team are constantly testing, tweaking and lovingly crafting amazing templates just for our members to boost their conversions. We study, optimize and closly folllow what is working right now in the marketing industry.



As we uncover the best resources, graphics libraries, and other design tools, we’ll show you and share them with you too. You can unlock the secret stashes of our pro-team that you can use in your landing pages and sites.

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Congratulations on your purchase of Designa 

Whether you’re planning on making marketing graphics for yourself or for your clients,

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You now have unlimited access to over 3000+ templates, access to our massive library

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These are possibly the most advanced and eye catching short video

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But businesses, brands and market evolve. Design and Styles change every few months!

What is popular in 2018 now, might be ugly and outdated in Christmas 2018.

That’s how fast design industry moves.

So as you use Designa to create videos for yourself and for your clients, you’ll

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Designa Template Collective

And The Best Bit About Being Part of The Collective…

THESE Templates Are Completely


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Each month you will be getting 80 brand new,stunning, ready-to-edit-in-minutes templates!

With Designa Template Club Membership You Get:

Access to NEW 500 

Templates Right now:

The Templates Club gives you instant access to 500 Premium templates on top of the ones templates you already have. That puts your Designa account with over 3500 templates to start with.

Exclusive Access to 80 

New Templates Every Month:

The Templates Club also gives you access to hand-picked and carefully designed 30 new templates EVERY single month to make sure you’re always ahead of the curve and outselling everyone else.

Huge Variety In Design,

 Style & Niches:

Staying one step ahead of everyone else, with Templates Club you’ll have access to tons of new designs, styles and niches with Designa and more to use and also to offer to your clients moving on

Save Time, Money 

& Efforts:

With our team of highly skilled designers and illustrators work for you, you won’t need to

worry about researching or staying on top of

new trends. We’ll handle that for you.

Much More 


Unlike hiring someone to create new designs that you can sell or subscribing to other expensive design software, Designa Templates Clubs is 100X more affordable and gives you 1000X the value.

Each Month You Will Be Getting 80 Brand New, Stunning, Ready-to-Personalize Templates! … That’s Over $1,410 Worth Of Design Templates For You Every Single Month!

Yes, that’s right $1,410 worth. You CAN buy our templates from us directly if you wish.

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The brilliant truth is Just ONE EXTRA CLIENT Can EASILY pay for your

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But More Than Anything,Designa Template Club is a Loyalty Club

Which means if you do decide to stay on as a member

(and fair warning: most people do as they are blown away),

then your loyalty will be rewarded with these

‘Template Club member’ only benefits that include:

==>VIP Template RequestSee Any Template You Like Online, And would love to see it in the template club. Just Screenshot It & Submit. Our Designers Will Add It

==>Access To  Designa Facebook Mastermind

Introducing Our DesignaTemplate Mastermind Group

Where you will work personally with us, the team at Designa online to directly influence

the new templates you will receive every month.So YOU can make sure you have exclusive templates that work for you and your business.Empowering you to have templates that perfectly suit who you want to target and where

you want to go. The Facebook Mastermind Group allows you to learn, and share in a community of the smartest

designers in the marketing world and work directly with us at Designa.And who knows, you may also have an opportunity to work with us in person in the future!

We’d love to meet you!

Check Out The Bonuses You’ll Get FREE If You Join The Template Club Today

Below Products are delivered with 100% Reseller Licenses – You can Re-Brand 

them with your own name and Sell It Unlimitedly to make profits

Fast Action Bonus #1

Social Media Viral Content Builder for WordPress

The Ultimate plugin for making content viral. This automated plugin developed for WordPress can hide any content so that in order to read it the user must share it via social media channels. This has the potential to bring much more traffic to your content and turn it viral.

Fast Action Bonus #2

Sharelock: Unlock Content with Visitor Number

With Sharelock, you can easily lock and hide partial or all of your content. And the best part is that it can only be unlocked with enough visitors. Sharelock will let user unlock and unhide partial or all of your content by driving traffic to your post/page.

Fast Action Bonus #3

Viralist – Viral lists script with Facebook App

Viralist is a Viral lists website script written in PHP that lets you build a viral content website with awesome curated lists like Buzzfeed. Viralist supports a lot of media types like Photos, videos(Youtube and Vimeo), SoundCloud audio, quotes, etc.

Fast Action Bonus #4

LinkedIn Viral Social App

This viral social app can let you users connect with their LinkedIn account before being able to access a reserved content (video, article, download, etc).

Fast Action Bonus #5

 Quizmaster – Viral Quiz Maker for WordPress

Quizmaster lets you create clean and beautiful viral quizzes to drive traffic to your WordPress website through sharing and social networks. Quizzes are very popular lately, they help to promote your website, raise your users’ engagement, and attract new visitors.

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