Here’s a new tool that has been added to Designa, to make it a more robust graphics and marketing tool for marketers.

It’s called Designa Ecover Creator… See how it works here;

This tool is built to create beautiful e-cover images in just minutes. It contains different e-cover design templates like software boxes, reports, ebooks, etc.

Each template is built to enable users to edit and add contents easily. This means that one doesn’t need any foundational knowledge of design to make use of it.

The e-cover creator tool can be used to create 3D covers for books, software pack, videos and CDs.

The e-cover creator feature and other features on Designa are what makes Designa a marketers favourite software to build high converting graphic images.

Designa officially launches on the 11th of July and you wouldn’t want to miss the amazing launch offers.

Click Here to join the Designa community and get access to updates, previews, bonuses and an opportunity to win lifetime access to Designa.


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