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Discover How You Can Make Landing Graphics Clients So Easy, You Could Do It In Your Sleep – AND Charge Them MORE! Completely On Autopilot

Dear Valued Designa Freelancer,

As you already know, you now hold in your hands your very own Turn-Key business tool (Designa)

that’s going to be making you bank, hand over fist, every single month, providing a valuable and indispensable service that EVERY business needs.Well done you.You’ve just awarded yourself access to every Freelancer’s dream – big income often, with minimum effort required.Smart move.So all you need to do now, is get your message out there, And land those clients right?Absolutely right.But here’s the thing…

Clients Are Hard To LandIf You Don’t Look Like A Real Company.

The better you look – the easier it will be to get clients and to CHARGE MORE.

Let’s face it – no one wants to pay $500 for a Design 

if they think you’re producing it in your basement

in your spare time.(You could be…but that’s not the point…)It’s how you APPEAR to the client.And 

The more professional you appear -And the more of a presence you have both online and offline =The more clients you get -And the more you can charge.

FACT: Quality Sells.So Make An Effort.

And because you’ve just invested in Designa,We have a responsibility to make sure you a HIGH chance at success. Right?And to make as much bank as possible from every single sale.So just imagine, if I gave you ABSOLUTELY everything -And I mean everything!You need to get your new freelancing cash machine goldmine out there and making sales even quicker?

Meaning you get it right, every single time.

Establishing YOU as an INSTANT AUTHORITY in

Graphic Design – Well above your competitors.Making the very BEST first impression

And Empowering YOU to Bag More Clients

And Charge Them MORE For Your Services

​INTRODUCINGYour Ultimate Designa Consultant Kit

Your Personalised Suite Of Marketing Tools ToGet Your Freelancing Business Up and Running

FASTER With Maximum Results, Maximum Profits

 And Minimum Effort… For A Single One Time Cost!

Get Designa Consultant Toolkit For A ONE TIME Fee

Before The Offer Disappears Forever

Designa Consultant Toolkit [With Installation]

With Designa Ultimate Consultant Kit you will be able to make sure that your first impression counts every time.

  • Turning leads into clients
  • And potential deals into dollars.
  • Making sure you make an outstanding impression throughout your entire app selling process
  • Ensuring that every visitor instantly knows that both your apps and your business are pure quality. Quality they can trust
  • Quality they are confident about
  • And quality they can invest more in.

Meaning you get it right, every single time.

Here’s a little look atwhat you’re getting inside:

#1. Your Personalised Ready-to-Go Consultant Website

  • You’ll be bagging clients in no time with your professionally designed WordPress website with specially integrated portfolio and lead generation system.Your website arrives already filled with all the content you need, specifically designed to turn leads into clients.Even though your website has been crafted by our professional copywriters and designers, we understand you might want some control over your content as your business grows.That’s exactly why we build it for you in WordPress. Meaning you can edit all your content without any technical knowledge.And of course, your website is completely mobile responsive!Also:
  • Highly SEO optimized so prospects can easily locate you on search engines
  • Integrated Social Media
  • Fully Mobile Responsive
  • Full Agency Website: Including about us, services, contact us, portfolio etc.

#2. Your Own CUSTOM Animated Video Commercial

We all know that a minute of video is worth 1.8 million words So we’re giving you 1.8 million words of PERSONALISED persuasive video commercial.You’re getting up to 3 minutes of professional video, ready-to-upload on YouTube Meaning more people can find you easierAnd you have somewhere to directly send your prospects toWhere they have absolutely no doubt of your professionalism and commitment to your business.Complete Compatibilty:Video Comes in MP4 format so works great on all the devices.Sounds Great: Top quality professional US voiceovers.Gets Your Message Across: Personalised professional sales video script written by our expert copywriters to convert your prospects into paying customers of your high ticket services.We all know that video is the undisputed best way to sell online, but lots of us aren’t confident enough to make our own… and even the ones that are confident don’t have the time.You will get a ready-made video commercial.That you can simply just plug into your new website and have it pull in the orders.Play your animated video for any local business owner…ask for $2500 and they’ll bite your hand off. FACT.

VALUE: $997

VALUE: $397

#3.  Whole Suite of Print-Ready Commercial Graphics

We have created a set of fully editable graphics templates for you to get your name out there as professionally as possible.Gorgeous and high quality designs in which our personal graphic designers (who understand your Designa business) have created for you.In a few clicks, you can edit these to your own heart’s desire so you’ll never need to hire an expensive designer again.These will come in ready to edit PSDs and include:Editable Brochures Business CardsPromotional Web BannersLetterheadsAnd more…

#4. Fiverr profit genesis Course and  Fiverr Gigg Templates

Go from Newbie to Top Rated Seller fast. You get top selling gigs to copy, no experience required.As a Fiverr newbie, this is the only course you need to take.Learn from instructors who have actually made money on Fiverr. This course is designed to get you started quickly so we’ve already come up with  proven graphic design gig templates for you to use. The Tutorials are hands-on and will guide you through each step.

VALUE: $997

VALUE: $247

#5. Pimped-to-Sell Telemarketing Scripts

We are also giving you three designed to hypnotize, complete telemarketing scripts -Specifically designed for three different sales scenarios Both in person and over the phone.Use these step-by-step scripts in either scenario to ensure your prospects only say YES to your servicesAnd pay you MORE for your professional services.

#.6 Killer Powerpoint Presentation & Proposal.

With Viral Quote Machine scheduler, you can choose specific times to post your content. Then just sit back and relax, and let the robot generate viral images (using your template) and handle ALL the hard work for you.Post content at high traffic times of day.Schedule launch content ahead of time.Post when you’re sleeping or travelling.Just set it, forget it, and get on with your life!

Your UltimateDesigna Consultant Kit

Is your ONLY opportunity to getMore Clients Who Pay You MORE.

Your Ultimate Promotion Pack includes over $3,882 of indispensable tools for your freelancing business

 Earn HUGE Income In Just A Few Hours Per Week – ZERO Previous Experience Needed!

Of The UNFAIR Profits People Like You Are Making With Graphic Design …Vihrapopova has earned over $66,125 with over 2645 review (with over 2,645 Reviews) in one year as a freelance (screenshot below)

Gayan Madhawa has earned over $82,680 (with over 4,134 Reviews) as a freelance graphics designer (see screenshot)

Simon “Quote Jungle” has done over 12,000 gigs and got over 1,353 reviews in 12 months as a graphics designer with average sale of $175 per design (Over $2,000,000 in income!)

Evelyn has done over 13,000 gigs with 1,393 Reviews at average of $15 per gig (Approx. income: $195,000)


The First 100 People to Grab This Offer Will Get Our Secret Treasure Chest of Marketing Tools worth Over $500

Getting Your New Freelancing GoldmineOut There In The Most Professional,Effective And Profitable Way…

The First 100 People to Grab This Offer Will Get Our Secret Treasure Chest of Marketing Tools worth Over $500

Nothing To Worry As You Have

No Risk For 30 Days  With Our Ironclad Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason, you’re not 100% in love with this Consultant Toolkit after giving it a try, just let us know and we’ll get you a refund. The only way you can lose is by letting this opportunity to get software easily worth thousands of dollars for a mere fraction of that slip through your fingers. Do NOT close this page without getting Designa Consultant Kit or risk paying more or missing out on this forever.

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Designa Consultant Toolkit [With Installation]



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